Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wed 27th

Ah..back to my old ..hardly ever blogging ways then....We got back from cornwall and then went straight to the Greenbelt festival, what a mad weekend ! I LOVE Greenbelt, I've been going since the late 70's - (yes I'm scarily old) and it gets better every year - if different, in the old days.....there were top bands headlining - now its more of a christian arts festival, with a big family emphasis but its always inspirational and uplifting.

The boys did a breakdancing workshop and we saw lots of great new bands. I loved the tribute to Larry Norman, he was the godfather of Christian rock, sounds naff but truly he was a genius and he died earlier this year. Lots of bands did covers of his songs including Martyn Joseph and my mate Pete Banks from After the fire.

The weather was awful but who cares... we trudged around a muddy field, drank lots of cappucino (me) hot chocolate (boys 1 and 2) and spent a fortune on smoothies and hippy type kit.

We sat in the Sacred space area for a while, I lit a candle for a freind battling illness and just sat drinking in the silence and the icon art. The boys decided to write a prayer, I was all overcome with a feeling of pride till I noticed they'd changed their mind and decided to writie a review of the books they're currrently reading...well thats admirable too I hear you say...mmm...anyone looking over their shoulder would have seen the headings...Yucks Fart club and Horrid Henrys nits...oh well down from my holy moment and back to reality.

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