Friday, 29 June 2007

Fri 29th June

Great afternoon on the big show yesterday, we interviewd jellyellie - fab if you've got teenagers (theres a comp on July tip sheet out this weekend - you signed up ?)
Also we interviewed Candi Staton - what a legend, 'you got the love' one of my fave records and took me back to my days presenting the gospel show on GLR when I interviewed her, Pops Staples, and the womacks etc
She looks great for her age too, gigging with Al Green - the reverend no less.
Sadly I'll be in a wet field next week camping - don't ask....I'll tell you about it if I make it though....


Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Heres comes the rain Tues 24

Well actually slightly better today, you may have seen BBC brekkie this morning, I was on agian with Dr rosemary talking food supplements picking up on the echinacea story yesterday.

Then I read that fascinating survey from the states that proves that patients whose beds are on the sunny side of the ward imrove far quicker with the same treatment - no suprise there then - after a thoroughly wet dark couple of days i'm off for a walk - my light therapy box has taken a hammering I can tell you.

No pressure on me right now, only got 2 articles July's tips sheet and a third book to write (well the first 2 by this Friday - the book I have another 6 weeks) Feel free to feel sorry for me !

Monday, 18 June 2007

Mon 18th June…still crazy after all these years

What a fab night, I took my mate Sue,left the kids with DH and went to catch a gig at a local folk club. The artist was Martyn Joseph and I've known him for a scary 25 years. I've alwasy been a fan but I swear he gets better and still looks gorgeous.....made me realise I should have a links 'not related to natural living but still fab' category on the site.

Sue was completely converted and he had us blubbing to one of his oldest songs 'Cardiff Bay'

Go see him live if you can, hes always gigging though often in Canada and the States


Sunday, 17 June 2007

Sunday 17th June

Yesterday was fun at the Association of breastfeeding mothers conference in Liverpool. What a great bunch of people and some inspirational speakers inc Michel Odent and myself of course - she says modestly !

Hi to the woman with the gorgeous newborn tucked neatly into a sling...don't even thinj about making me broody again...I have far too many children as it is !

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Thurs 14th

Is it me or is it getting hot and humid ? When its like this I SO wish I were by the sea. Sadly not, I'm in Hitchin Herts tomorrow am for a talk and then off the ABM in Liverpool on Sat, fortunatley the lovely Fiona is keeping me company, I am now being very un-green and driving there as it was just too problematic trying to organise book delivery and train times around childcare. My dear mate is having nightmare with 'sitters' for her dog when shes away from home. Difficult one, kennels seem to cost a fortune in some areas.

I'm actually wittering now, its v. late and the kids are only just in bed having trashed the office. A good thing actually cos its forced the issue of a lock and key - some places really do need to be 'kid-free' !

15 mins on the chi machine then off to bed listening to the fab meditate in 20 mins CD (not sure if its meant to send you off to kip but it works for me)
Unlikely to report back till sunday

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Tues 12th June

Fab weekend, we went to a friends wedding, the perfect summers occasion really, Sun was spent having another clear-out - boy am I a hoarder but the good news is I have now been 'Rosi-ed' - see features by Rosi Flood, she helped me finally clear out all my clothes that were'nt exactly doing me any favours, still can't compet with fashion icon DH though - Rosi really has made hime a new man and its great working with a stylist who just wants to help the individual find their style whether thats charity shop chic (me) or slightly more upmarket.

On an entirely different note we're going to the home educaters seaside festival in a few weeks and interestingly don't actually have a tent...better get on it...

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Tues 5th

Can't remember if I told you about - I was filmed as one of their talking heads for the website - lots of celebs - (and me) talking about what they re-use, recycle etc.

It was the 'pre-launch' party last night, I met Vanessa Feltz pic, coming soon...and a host of other fab people.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Mon 4th

Back from a fab weekend away for DH's birthday.
Hope you've got the June tips and I've now got to get working on my next column for Herts life (the June one is out)
Trying to think of something for Tim on cynics truth he wants something he can truly be cynical about ! currently he has some organic chocolate and some Cherryactive cherry juice - something tells me they'll go down well. I've also passed on a 'green 8' radiation protection thingy for your mobile phone, that could go either way with Tim.

Have a good week

Friday, 1 June 2007

Fri June 1st

Where does time go ? Busy week.....I did Breakfast Tv on Wed talking organic beauty products...followed by an exciting TV meeting, then another meeting with Junior mag who I hope to be writing for.....After that I went to Johnny Walkers book launch party ....meanwhile during the day DH (darling husband) was being 'styled' by Rosi Flood (see features) That was my birthday pressie to him, anyways I was expecting him to have a new jacket or something but I walked into Johnnys bash and he was there before me looking like a veritiable pop star - new choppy haircut and a fab red shirt that he would never have chosen for himself but looked amazing.

...gonna be fighting for the mirror now....

Off for the weekend...June tips out now...some fab offers including a chance to win life coaching et al