Thursday, 14 June 2007

Thurs 14th

Is it me or is it getting hot and humid ? When its like this I SO wish I were by the sea. Sadly not, I'm in Hitchin Herts tomorrow am for a talk and then off the ABM in Liverpool on Sat, fortunatley the lovely Fiona is keeping me company, I am now being very un-green and driving there as it was just too problematic trying to organise book delivery and train times around childcare. My dear mate is having nightmare with 'sitters' for her dog when shes away from home. Difficult one, kennels seem to cost a fortune in some areas.

I'm actually wittering now, its v. late and the kids are only just in bed having trashed the office. A good thing actually cos its forced the issue of a lock and key - some places really do need to be 'kid-free' !

15 mins on the chi machine then off to bed listening to the fab meditate in 20 mins CD (not sure if its meant to send you off to kip but it works for me)
Unlikely to report back till sunday


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