Friday, 1 June 2007

Fri June 1st

Where does time go ? Busy week.....I did Breakfast Tv on Wed talking organic beauty products...followed by an exciting TV meeting, then another meeting with Junior mag who I hope to be writing for.....After that I went to Johnny Walkers book launch party ....meanwhile during the day DH (darling husband) was being 'styled' by Rosi Flood (see features) That was my birthday pressie to him, anyways I was expecting him to have a new jacket or something but I walked into Johnnys bash and he was there before me looking like a veritiable pop star - new choppy haircut and a fab red shirt that he would never have chosen for himself but looked amazing.

...gonna be fighting for the mirror now....

Off for the weekend...June tips out now...some fab offers including a chance to win life coaching et al

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