Friday, 17 July 2009

Juicy break at Champneys

I was lucky enough to attend the very first Juicy break at Champneys earlier this week, as you well know I bang on about Jason Vale the juicemaster and go to his retreats in Turkey at least once a year, so its fair to say I'm well and truly juiced but the idea of a 3 day detox in the Uk is very inspiring not least because of the carbon footprint and the hassle of getting away for a full 7 days. I like Champneys, you may have read my review on my site and in Lifescape magazine but I like the fact that its not only for the pampered rich, I find it very holistic in its approach, they don't get everything right (who does ? asks the queen of being imperfect) their skincare products still contain some nonsense (unsure why these days) but they offer Reiki, Bowen, indian head massage, hypnotherapy, crystal healing and all kinds of wonderful treatments alongside the usual facials and body wraps. The juicy break package includes a couple of thalassotherapy sessions which felt amazingly therapeutic.

Theres also an array of great classes, me and my mate Mary had a huge laugh trying Salsa dancing and Nordic Walking - you do wonder how hard it can be - walking with a couple of long sticks but its suprisingly difficult to co-ordinate ! and of course I did yoga, power walking,tai chi and various 'abs and backs' classes. All this exercise was fuelled on juice alone and in some ways this break is more extreme than Turkey where you have 4 juices or smoothies a day usually containing banana, advocado etc, this is slightly more harsh cos Jason wants you to feel benefits in only 3 days so the juices are smaller and mostly based around beetroot for detoxification (no probs for me I LOVE beetroot) but you were feeling a bit woozy there was also pieces of fruit to be munched and of course Jasons award winning 'Juice in a bar' juicy bar.

I lost a pound or two in weight though that wasn't my motivation for going, mostly I wanted another dose of juicy inspiration and momentum and Jason always does that for me, God love him.

On a very exciting note the idea was mooted that I may indeed have my own 'imperfectly natural' break so watch this space, we've been talking of finding the perfect venue for a meeting of like minds where we can share our natural tips etc but pop off and do some yoga too so this could be the perfect answer. Champneys juicy breaks are currently only offered at Forest Mere, if you book tell them I recommended you and enjoy !

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Bliss at Alternatives Piccadilly and my new album

No one blogs as infrequently as me do they ? We had this discussion on Steve Wrights show and my excuse is that I'm running a forum too but in truth I just can't get my head around daily blogging, all hallows to those who do. anyways so much has happened since I got my smashing organic hair do, not necessarily because of but in spite of....the kids have started at Steiner school, I know, I know, I know I'm a spokesperson for the home education community and believe me I still believe HE is awesome but for a million reasons we needed to let the kids try something new and its going well, to that end we're also gonna be moving house...huge life changes, and...wait for it, need to declutter and get rid of about 60 per cent of our possessions, scary, Now if you've read Imperfectly Natural Woman or Imperfectly Natural Home (what do you MEAN you haven't begged stolen or borrowed a copy >) you'll know I talk a lot about feng shui, space clearing and decluttering but have I ever really done it ? No. Serves me right then.

I went to a fab concert on mon at Alternatives at St James church Piccadilly, it was Lucinda Drayton of Bliss fame, (see - you know as in the song 'A hundred thousand angels' ...its a haunting melodic song thats literally gone around the world and put Bliss on the map, Shes incredilby talented and rather fragile and beautiful too, and her voice is seriously angelic though she is wonderfully real and down to earth, In truth it was a rather uncomfortable experience for me cos I'm usually her side of the mic, seeing her with her two excellent musicians relaying her own personal stories and then singing both self penned songs and well chosen covers such as Fields of Gold by Sting and Clouds by Joni Mitchell made me yearn to book up a few more gigs in churches, something I was doing a lot of a few years back, don't get me wrong I'm not blowing my own trumpet and saying I'm as talented (or gorgeous) as Lucinda, I wish, ! but as she spoke of being who you are and living life to the full I realised thats a whole side of my life that I've forgotten about. I have an album (Lulu-land)ready for release needing only a cover - why haven't I gotten it together ? crikey might a radio show, 4 kids, a new book deal, a range of pregnancy CDS and now a house move have summat to do with it ?

Time to go set goals.....I've borrowed an ipod - I'm so goddam un-hightech - which type should I buy ? and am listening to Anthony Robbins RPM time planning stuff, blimey that whips your butt into shape...(anyone use his software ?)