Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A luxurious pampering inexpensive retreat (with raw food!)

I'm head down in meeting my new book deadline this week so off work. I'd wanted to go somewhere just for 24 hours to write (cos quite frankly with 4 kids and constant distractions its impossible, every time I sit down to wax lyrical about non toxic shampoos et al I remember that I simply must ...load the washing machine....prepare some raw snacks for the kids....hoover the get the drift...Then an important email comes in that simply MUST be answered and so it goes on, however I didn't have the luxury of travelling far or spending much cash. SO - what did I do ? Stayed in my own patch and did a B and B in Hertfordshire, but let me tell you this is a holistic 'hotel' with a difference.

I've been to veggie b and b's of course and they're very nice but you still end up eating way too much scrambed egg and toast and still need to get out of your room by 11am. Big hotels I find a bit anonymous, so anyways let me tell you where I went - The Taymount clinic - don't be put off by the name - theres nowt 'clinical' about this - the rooms are beautiful and theres pampering on hand - literally. I had a wonderful healing massage by the lovely Debs when I arrived (she also offers angelic reiki) and if you want it you can book a colonic, an organic chocolate wrap or any of the other treaments they offer (by the way theres a ten per cent discount off all their treatments if you mention janeys tips this month - their prices are rediculously reasonable anyway) You can stay without having any treatments of course too.

The huge en - suite rooms are gorgeous, towelling robes and slippers all there for your use and best of all the refreshments - omg - I had a tray of vanilla tea brought to me at my agreed wake up time with a some Chai honey sticks on the side and forget the usual hotel brekkie, I had a fantastic Green smoothie followed by fresh fruit and organic yoghurt. I was also plied all day with hand made raw chocolate snacks and offered a fantastic bean soup for lunch with raw almond breads and Enids very own recipe raw almond 'cheese' Honestly its so long since anyone has looked after me I felt like crying - us mums do lots of everyone else but forget to look after ourselves.

So I can't recommend it highly enough, also as I sat typing away there was the most amazing sun-set - apparantly that wasn't only for me - they get it all the time !

This is a perfect retreat if you want to hole up and have a few treatments, or just use it as a base for a little trip to Herts (we do have some nice places to go you know !) Theres nothing of the usual impersonal thing of hotels and its very different to any b and b or even independent hotel I've ever been to, totally holistic but very 'normal' too, I daresay if green smoothies and raw food aren't your thing, they'd be delighted to rustle up something else.

Contact them at Taymount clinic and say I recommended you, don't worry I'm not on commission !
Theres a chance to win their organic chocolate body wrap on my latest ezine too, well couldn't go there and not persuade them to offer my lovely readers a treat !

Off now to present The Green Awards, looking forward to meeting Jo Wood, the lovely Lynne Franks and unsure if he'll show up but we can dream ....(I'm talking Colin Firth of course)

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

meeting Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams with us on Steve Wright in the afternoon yesterday was SO nice, and vulnerable...I like that in a guy, admitted that he wasn't in a good place for a few years but now hes feeling ay Ok, I reckon he could stick with his girlfirend Adia ...american actress right ? he acknowleged he's a committment phobe but hey at least hes honest.!

I invited him to the Green Awards ( - well I am hosting the event and of course he can't come but he was polite enough to say he'd have loved to !

I didn't remind him of the tour that he supported me on though - yes read that again - Robbie Williams - well Take That supported my band Cola Boy (pic above) on a UK club tour back in 1990 when we were number 8 in the charts and they were a brand new boy band doing the rounds trying to get a deal - theres a claim to fame !! but of course I can't claim the subsequent success !!!!

I'm coming out of retirement by the way for one night singing BV's with The Ronnies (a fantastic Rolling Stones trbute band with the most amazing Mick lookalike) this sat at their gig in Herts, See the newscreen on for more info, I'm doing the Mariane Faithful tribute bit, just gotta learn the song and find a pointy bra to wear under something sixties and demure.....