Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Are colonics really bad for you?

After the recent negative press around colonic irrigation, I'd like to point you to an article by Dr Enid Taylor on the many benefits of this therapy, as you know I wrote about my first experience of  colonics in Look Great Naturally - without ditching the lipstick (Hay House) but recently theres been lots of controversy around the subject, you may have heard the Jeremy Vine on radio 2 where there were conflicting views on its efficacy.  One thing is for certain you need to be recommended to a 'holistic' therapist who offers more than just a 'pipe' !!   That was a horror story from the guy whose practitioner simply went out of the room, good practitioners are usually trained in nutrition and can help with the emotional issues that can arise from colonics.  Dr Enid Taylor is a naturopathic doctor and really knows her stuff, she also runs accredited training courses for therapists.

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