Saturday, 30 August 2008

Sat 30th

Well the firstborn was 10 last thursday and the sun came out, we had a lovely celebration and I went for an early morning walk and reflected on how my life has changed since having kids, bizarre when I remember that I was a career girl who wasn't going to have kids and here I am a mum of 4

It starts a run of balloons, jelly and ice cream (organic of course) as the baby girl is 3 next week and boy 3 is 5 in October, crikey how do we fit all that in.

Anyway on my early morning walk I saw a red envelope lying on the grass verge, in exactly my 8 year olds big scrawly handwriting it said 'mummy' Now its not like there are no other mummys in the world, but isn't it funny how we all think we're the only one ! I had to stifle the urge to pick up the card - and left it for its owner probably by now tearfully realising it had been lost as his mum opened her birthday gifts.

I did a talk at Champneys last night what a fab holistic place thats become, I'm jacking up a competition to win a holiday there and on this months tips going out monday 1st Sept there an offer code so if you need a pampering break check it out.


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