Sunday, 14 December 2008

a gorgeous candlelit carol service..

I'm so glad I got off my butt and made the effort to go the the carols by candlelight service at my church...well not only mine but the one I love to go...only prob is its a 50 min drive and beleive me thats nigh on impossible with 4 kids to get dressed and sorted by 10am Anyway tonight I went with a freind and it was magical. The choir were fab, the church looked beautiful and we had mulled wine and mince pies after.....As always Dave tomlinson the vic was on form and gave a great talk which I won't try to prassie - (ooh how the hell do you spell that word ?) but save to say you go away thinking slightly more meaningful thoughts than when you went in.

Occasionally in all the stress and madness I forget that I love Christmas and certianly not for the absurd idea that if you spend money on it you'll be happy...more a sense of 'wonder' that I get if I stop and reflect which of course is something I rarely do all year..

best go to bed before I get all poetic or maudlin on you..

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