Friday, 19 December 2008

Fri 19th Dec…’sustainable’ wrapping..

xmas madness round here, the 5 year old is wrapping up everything in sight and giving it to us in leui of Santas arrival, I'm proud of him acually, clearly hes seen my feature on the site front page talking eco Christmas cos hes wrapping everything in tea towels or scraps of fabric and tying with reclaimed string...thats my boy...shame I don't have any tea towels left.

I've been frantically trying to get my Imperfectly Natural Starter packs sorted, I've had a rush of sales before Christmas and I'm also selling them via my mates new website - take a look if you get chance, she is queen of eco building and sustainable stuff but the website has a few carefuly chosen products, lots that I recommend here on the site

Finally off to get some christmas shopping, yes - last minute dash, ho ho ho I do hate the absurd notion that xmas is only good depending on how much you spend but the charity shops don't quite cut it for the older boys....still we'll go easy.

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