Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Eve…7 ways to Love

Just back from a lovely midnight mass service on Christmas night to find the house is quiet, no one is stirring not even a mouse...but I missed my own performance on Top of the Pops 2 and apparantly Wrighty made some comment or other !

If I were technical I'd know how to run the iplayer thingy but hey ho...if you did see it (I'm talking about my number 8 hit from 1991 with Cola boy) you'll have noticed that I was barely moving, let alone shaking my booty, that will be because my retro silver mini dress was so short and tight it would have been indecent. Seems so wierd now remembering those days, we were famous for exactly five minutes and it flew by, at the time I felt quite indignant that I'd got my 'dream' to be a pop star and yet only sang 4 words but its gotta be said the record still sounds great after all these years and its still played at clubs - depressingly I didn't write it, but the boys from St Ettiene still get fat PRS cheques I'm thinking, good on ya Pete and Bob.

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