Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sun Jan 4th…St Ives..sunshine and sprouts

I'm in sunny St Ives, yippee, the weather couldn't be more perfect, sunny and crispy cold and if you read my lat blog when I was in Cornwall you'll remember this is the only time I feel really alive. I MUST have lived here in a former life and however often I come back the feeling is just as intense. I'm holed up at The Garrack hotel (check out the beat a retreat feature for details) writing ....can't tell you what, its a speculative very exciting project, will reveal all soon.

I popped into Living Sprouts of st ives (see directory for their details) and stokced up on sprotus, hemp salad dressing and the best ever raw chocolate pie - can't even begin to describe that, you have to taste it and later I'm meeting up with Jason Vale, yes the juicemaster himself ...for a coffee...well he'll order juice but I'm imperfect.

The boys are staying locally with Liz (of Team Lollipop fame - see directory if you're still at the nappy stage, her selection is awesome) and yesterday we all did the muddy walk , yes even I purchaased birght pink wellies for the squelchy occasion to the Gurnards head, its a highly commended hotel and gastro pub, I even gave them a mention on Steve Wrights show cos we did a factoid about gurnards.

I'm off for a long walk around the Island to lift my spirits further, in truth if I get much higher I'll flota off like Mary Poppins, one day I'll live here....she says hopefully...

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