Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tues 27th Jan

January is weird isn't it, lulls you into a false sense of security that there's lots of time and then suddenly boom - tis march. My new book - well the adapted / updated / extracted pocketbook version of Imperfectly Natural Woman is out march 3rd and I'm totally undecided as to whether to have a proper launch party. For the last book we held a bash at the BBC club and it was great, all sort of BBC types popped in from 6 music, Radio 4 and the Asian network and jostled alongside journalists and celebs (my old mate Mari Wilson was there for our mini Wilsations reunion) and of course the really important people - the lovely companies who help support the website with ads and promotions etc.

Trouble is theres a credit crunch and finances are tight. Add to that the problem that parties are a ton of work to organise and trust me if I do it I like to do it well with amazing goody bags full of eco /natural stuff, all that takes time and energy....one bit of me says is it actually 'greener' to do nowt ? save the cash and put the time to better use and put the effort into marketing to sell more books....mmm....its also my birthday though march 4th so I'll be feeling decidedly mis if I do literally nowt.

Maybe a virtual party ? what do you think ?

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