Monday, 2 February 2009

Mon 2nd Feb

What a day ! The Wright stuff was great and as the snow was so bad I think everyone was at home watching TV ! the book shot up on amazon even though its not out yet and the first book did well too. Amazing eh the power of TV

The poor cab driver who dropped me back had to get assistance to turn his car on the icey road and with great regret I'm now marooned and can't go to the Radio 2 folk awards which I was really looking forward to. Last year was great at the Brewery in London.

Incredible how all of life stops for snow isn't it but the kids are having a ball, we're about 6 snowmen down and counting and I'm stepping over soggy socks and wellies in every corner...hey ho.

Brings a whole new meaning to my usual plea in reponse the emails begging me for a response....I'm snowed under...

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