Sunday, 22 February 2009

The power of Maybe….

So much to tell I have to ‘eek’ it out, its not good is it when blog entries ramble about a million subjects so I won’t……Save to say please remind me that I must tell you about my new ‘pet’ – don’t worry I haven’t taken on a feline friend, dog, rabbit or even chickens – trust me 4 kids is enough, but I do have a responsibility by the name of Horace, he’s actually a ‘blob’ of kefir culture and as it was a precious gift from Dr Enid Taylor who I met the other day (lots more on that meeting to follow) I intend to cherish him and devour his offerings, if you’ve read Imperfectly Natural Woman you’ll know I was once the proud owner of a live yoghurt culture, and I did pretty well keeping that alive tamegotche (sp?) styley for a few years. I’ll update you – promise.

For now I’ve had one of those ‘aha’ moments, You know what its like, you read something (usually in a self help book) and it strikes such a chord with you it takes your breath away, of course when you relay to friends they seem nonplussed at your ignorance prior to see-ing this light so I apologise in advance if you all already know this.

You know the inspirational author Susan Jeffers (whose book ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ is life changing and an absolute\must) well I came across another book of hers today ‘Embracing Uncertainty’

Must say I was uncertain about reading it (no pun intended) I kinda knew it would challenge my ‘control freak’ ideas, I’m queen of cosmic ordering, and manifesting desires so not achieving your goals is ‘not a variable’. Yet it has been levelled at me that while my mantra is ‘imperfectly natural’ I often don’t allow myself the ‘luxury’ of not getting it all right and can sometimes try and control too much.

Anyways this book is about working towards peace of mind and living in a ‘maybe world’ Susan Jeffers suggests we should state the affirmation ‘I have no control over my life’ – ooh scary stuff, goes against the grain huh ?

Onto the next chapter….after I’ve given Horace his organic milk.
More later…….

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  1. hi janey - i just did a search on the power of maybe and found you :-)
    I have a women's online community web site which is all about flowing, opening, ebbing, going with the ups and downs and beyond labelling, clinging, desiring.....all born of fear.
    Well, today I wrote a thought for the day......THE POWER OF MAYBE and wondered what was out there and who was sharing my outlook and here I am & here you are.
    I run retreats and offer space for women to realise this within allow life to become a question allow our selves to, unknown.....all we really know is learned & just giving us a false sense of security anyway. seeing that we have the power to manifest I believe is the beginning of seeing the power we have always had on our life - good or bad, we have created it all anyway either consciously or sub-consciously and then.....with this inner knowing, we can begin to shed this, to begin to see that life is happening already....without us, that we have no real control at all. Oh yes we can think, manipulate, guide etc out of fear and the need to know... but there is something beneath this far more intelligent than we are! is just a seed right now as I come to terms with how to deliver this message and gather women in a space for change, for opennesss.... I am purely experimenting and feeling my way with no certainty WHATSOEVER.....just trusting how i feel, what I sense inside and what calls me This way of lifebrings responsibilty home to ME, to YOU to each and every one of us and then beyond that we begin to see the power that already exists beyond us and that we can surrender into a deeper step at a time. Listening, hearing something it us...? or Beyond? Who knows???? Maybe!
    Would love to share more....communicating this message in a powerful way is SO incredible! Platforms such as radio and TV are just ready and waiting and can be so full of negative stuff a lot of the time just filling everyone with this and that and to keep our minds occupied with something - news, markets, celebrities......what else could be occuring too....? Maybe????

    I shed all i had in england to follow this call. I had no certaintly, just a DEEP feeling inside me that said life is changing and that I needed to open up. I experienced mental trauma as I let go and had to see my mind as an operating system which didnt work anymore. Slowly and gently I am letting go of all thoughts, expectations, beliefs and allowing life to be a pure and utter QUESTION MARK. One great MAYBE!!!

    Hee hee!
    Would love to share more with you and feel quite brave writing this to you as a possibilty for discussion and shifts!

    Much move from Ibiza


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