Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Tues 17th Feb

I really should update this more regularly cos I have so much to tell you now. lets start with my amazing session last Friday with a Shamanic healer, now before you write me off as totally barking I don't know much about is either but it seems truly fascinating and my experience was - well - amazing. Check out Liberate Online
www.liberate-online.co.uk The lovely Dawn is the most fascinating woman who was literally 'called' by someone high up in the 'inca' tribe to learn 'energy medicine'

Its said to clear your emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic blocks in a very gentle, yet deep way through shamanic healing. it felt rather like a cross between hypnotherapy, reiki, bodywork, eft, life coaching and a bit of space clearing thrown in for good measure. I'll write my full review in more detail and Dawn is going to write something for our features, shes alos agreed to offer a prize of a full session to one lucky winner on the site or ezine so watch this space, check the front page and make sure you're signed up for the ezines.

After that experience we headed off to augill castle again, read about my trip there, its so fab and if its possible I enjoyed it even more this time around. The current ezine has a chance to win 2 places on the kids cookery courses and I show wish I'd done it myself, the kids made mexican chilli and divine toffee fudge. Yum !

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