Monday, 9 February 2009

Mon 9th Feb

Another week flown by then - but what a good one, apart from the obvious hassles, the book (imperfectly natural woman) shot up on Amazon after being on The Wright stuff and sometimes my job (Radio 2) is just too good, imagine getting to interview Chris Martin (Coldplay) and being paid ! I have to tell you he is gorgeous, I'm a sucker for a talented muso anyway but he really is such a charmer - and wearing the most fab funky jacket made from recycled bits of fabrics and motifs. I know I know I know hes spoken for (Gywneth Paltrow if I'm not mistaken) but a girl can look.

Health wise I could do with a few vibes, I've finally stopped breastfeeding (well Lulu is three - don't want to be recreating Little Britain 'bitty' sketches) which I thought would give me masses of new energy but the opposite is true, in truth I think perhaps my poor hormones are so confused what with 4 pregnancies in 10 years and long term breastfeeding its all gotten tricky. anyways my usual limitless energy is - well - limited.

Won't stop me for long though, I had a wonderful chat today with the lovely Petra from (sensational aromatherapy oils and so much more) and shes invited me on one of her aspirational courses to learn more about 'diy' skincare using her organic flowers and plants grown on her farm near Montpelier in France - does that sound fab or what ? don't worry I've persuaded her to offer a free 'holiday' to a lucky winner on the website too so make you check the comp and the ezine.

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