Friday, 16 January 2009

Friday 16th Jan….drying tomatoes

Yep I'm geting there, thanks to the many responses to my plea for raw food recipes, can't say I've tried many yet but I intend to do tahine kale crisps tomorrow. I've had all sorts of replies and have been pointed to raw food chefs et al In true home educating stye I'm getting the kids experimenting, so far we've had some rather brown crispy banana pieces but the dried mango was to die for.

Its been a good week at the beeb, well on our happy ship anyways, we interviewed that gorgeous Michael Sheen you know the actor in who played the Pm in The Queen and of course the lovely juicemaster Jason Vale was promoting Slim for Life on thursday.

Appropo to nowt on Wednesday night there was the most amazing twinkly star I have ever seen, I don't know if this was simply a clear sky in Herts phonomenon but it was incredible, I htought I wa see-ing things...well seeing stars...but don't worry I got it confirmed by waking up the kids (honestly it was that unusual)...perhaps its cos I've upped my quota of raw foods, I'm being rewarded from above...

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