Tuesday, 9 December 2008

tues 9th Dec..return from Lapland

...don't worry I'm not flying half way round the world I've been to Lapland Uk - no not the naff ones that have ahd all the shocking publicity this was is in kent and I can't tell you how fab it is, I'm not on commission and it wouldn't matter anyway cos its fully booked I think up to xmas but it was totally MAGICAL....all the kids are exhausted but elated after making toys with the elves, making gingerbread men, reak reindeers, see-ing Father Christmas and skating on the fab real ice rink. I ache all over from trying to skate whilst supporting 2 smalls who were a-slipping and sliding but having fantastic fun.

The 'fake' snow was gorgeous, all the staff incredibly kind and helpful and all in all it was an amazing memmorable trip, pics to follow once downloaded and a full review

Isn't it nice to hear some good reports occasionally ?

...off to help the 5 yr old compose his letter to Santa to say thanks for his special gift...

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