Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Wed 3rd Dec…the new site is here

For once not being able to blog isn't my fault ! with any new buikding comes teething problems and we've sure had our fair share but we're up and running - hurah !
We had a fab time in rye, well aside from the stress of wondering if the site would ever appear again, I met the lovely Nicola from Organ-nics, its a little shop selling natural skincare, baby kit, fairtrade stuff, well everything I recommend in Imperfectly Natural Woman which is also displayed proudly of course.Meting Nicola at Org-nics in Rye

We stayed at the fab Organic sustainable and eco ba and b in Rye called Haydens, mire on that later and a full review to follow save to say it was fab.

Bear with us while the new site kicks in and thanks for the many wishes of support, honestly I think its worth than the release of a new book at least you know where you are with print !

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