Sunday, 7 December 2008

Sun 7th

Day 7 on the 70 per cent cocoa choccy advent calendar and the kids are demanding milk choccy.

Its the most amazing crispy cold day, just been for walk and felt as though I'd stepped into a christmas card, back home and Lulu is ful of cold and bleary eyed and wants to breastfeed all the time for comfort, its tricky enough trying to fit in everything that I have to do today without a small velcro-ed to me ! Hey ho it doesn't last long this phase.

I had hoped to get a xmas tree and do the green thing (holly and ivy up) around tbe house but it will have wait now.

Did I mention the yestolife event ? They held a little drinks do to says for raising the cash for the hyperthermia sauna but it was very much a collaborative affair and if I haven't already said it, thanks to ya'll for donating, we're now raising cash for a chi machine, I'm sure I've said all of this before - crikey I'm having senior moments I'm sure of it....just too many details for any one brain to contain.

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