Monday, 22 December 2008

Monday 22nd Dec…lapland revisited..

Well its a skating rink of sorts..the 5 year old is still re-enacting our wonderful trip to lapland UK, first all visitors are asked if they'd like to visit Father Christmas, then having laid out all my greenery (gathered from the garden to decorate the house) peppered with bits of paper shreddings across the floor, he leads us 'through the enchanted forest' (once round the dining room table) and back to the porch where Father Christmas greets us. Now when it was my turn it was the three year olds to be FC and boy did she look the part with a long red dressing gown, a red hat and a huge fluffy white cushion for a beard - it reached nicely down to her knees kinda ZZ top styley

After our visit the 5 yr old guides us to his next installation, a shoe rack where hes neatly laid out some shoes, hes asks us our size shops our shoes for some others (no concern for style that boy, I got handed hubbys tennis shoes) then we're led out by a skaing elf (he quickly stops to change hats ) onto the ice rink - a thin white piece of fabric. We all had a turn of course including Grandma and then he decided to tout for business for passers by, a freind popped in and had a quick 'tour' and we just stopped short of accosting the post lady.

Beware Terry from Riverford Organics, if you're delivering in the morning, allow extra time, oh and wrap up warm for skating.

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