Sunday, 30 November 2008

Sunday 30th

Anyway counting exactly how many emails I've written saying the new site is going live ????? It FINALLY is.

Yippee, hallelujah. thanks to Pitor and Simon for all their tremendous hard work, welcome on board Elaine to the madness !

Its not 100 per cent there yet but looks fab don't ya think ?

My e-zine goes out tomorrow so if you ain't signed up, get in quick, some gorgeous comps and offers for Christmas.

On an entirely different note my 3 mates to see Circus of Horrors on fri - they couldn't beleive I know Haze the main man, if you've never seen the show get down, its wild (if you like girls in bottles kind of idea) its humour, burlesque, circus and a good dash of horror ! They didn't believe me that Haze used to kip in a coffin......lots more tales where that one came from...depends how much he wants to bribe me to keep quiet.

check them out.. google circus of tour kicking off..

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