Monday, 10 November 2008

Mon 10th…when I frustrated beyond measure

Frustration is the word, I've been 5 days without a website now, I think its back (you reading this ?) but meanwhile my emails have gone down completely so god knows what deadlines I've missed and we're now way behind with the new website....I feel rather like my arm has been cut off and none of the attending surgeons have a clue how to sew it back on or if it will work when they do - stress.

If I were more the cosmic meditating type I would of course go and do that very thing cos this is kinda weird, not only has my website and emails gone but my voice has gone !!! ...ergo...whole identity has come crashing too....crikey a psychologist will have a field day with this...

off to steam my head...

Green award this wed and I'm presenting...send voice vibes please

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