Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Tues 17th

Yet more eons have gone by and I've barely paused for breath. Have I told you about the Dutch Nursery event ? it wetn great, such an informed audience. Last weekend was great too, I was speaking at the Babygroe conference in Chester and finally got to meet the lovley Brigit Strawbridge from its not easy being green fame, watch this space for details of her latest project.

Sat I was speaking at the Allergy show and aside from almost having a fight with a guy who was trying to convince me that his 99 per cent liquid parrafin product was the bees knees for dry skin and excema (????) it was a great event and we sold out of books.

We raced out of there over to Heathrow to catch the end of the fab Juicy seminar with Jason Vale, man alive he can talk as much as me...hes brilliant and it must have been an awesome day of juicy info.

This thursday I'm doing an event for an Ovarian Cancer charity and then off to see my boys play in their rock school concert (earplugs will be needed) and this weekend theres events at the Association of breastfeeding mothers, the churches conference in Kent and the National Childbirth Trust conference in Coventry...

Crikey I feel exhausted just thinking about it...

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