Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Tues 9th Sept. Happy birthday to my baby girl…

..except shes not a baby anymore, I can't believe shes is 3 today. She got a huge baby doll in a pink babygrow as a gift and she strapped it into her buggy, I came downstairs and my heart missed a beat, it really does seem like only yesterday when she was that size and age !

The two little ones are enthralled and captivated by Peter pan and are still building pirate ships in every corner of the hourse with all manner of furniture as props, I mentioned this to Steve and Tim and they helpfully suggested I offer him the ironing board to 'walk the plank' ...God no, its the only bit of household paraphanalia he hasn't made use of yet...not that anyone makes use of an ironing board in our house.

Think of me later. I shall be rustling up fairy cakes and blancmange and praying for sunshine for Lulus tea party. I'm then flying off to do a piece on Home education for BBC London TV

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