Sunday, 30 March 2008

Sun 30th March

Crikey where does the time go ? Last week was easter right ? and snowing here, its was perfect actualy for the kdis to do the snowball thing just for an hour till it melted then they ran in for eggs, it also hampered the easter bunnys tracks a little which was all good delaying tactics, talking easter bunnies the four year became obsessed with dressing up and with some help from his brother found a white dressing gown, made some paper ears and stuck on some blades of grass for whiskers, they even had a crack at making their onw choco easter bunnies in moulds though sadly all came out with ears unattached - ces't la vie

Its been another manic week checking final book edits, completing my articles for my Herts Life column and my Higher nature nutrition mag and of course jacking up some great offers and comps for the April tips sheet, if you're not signed up, get in quick, we've even got a 'bogof' and I thought that was only supermarkets...

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