Monday, 10 March 2008

Mon 10th

What a week, exhaustion is the word but I found time for a quick swim and aromatherapy sauna to revitalise myself (if you fancy it by the way theres a free family day pass to the Herts branch oif Next Gen - click on the front page for the email addy) Anyway I ws in the changing area after showering and a woman asked me if I'd put a bit of cream on her back, where she couldn't reach. Helpful old me said yes without thinking and seh handed me a bottle of - well I won't name and shame - save to say it was the kind of mainstream chemical laden product that I avoid like the plague, I hesitated but then duly rubbed her back (which was covered in angry zits by the way unsprisingly) I stood there like one fo those cartoon drawings with the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other and just cold not decide whether I should open y big mouth. I should have said, I'm sorry, I wopn't rub that stuff on you, its choc full of vile chemicals - try some of my coconut oil, it will cost you way less, help your skin and won't damage the environment....of course I actually said nothing - wimp ! I got back in my car and realised that even though I'd washed my hands I still reeked of the stuff.

That'll teach me.


  1. Very interesting post you have there. An angle that not many people would have thought about. It is absolutely ingenious....

  2. Wasn't exactly looking for your site, but cool....

  3. Wasn't looking for this, but great stuff....

  4. Wasn't looking for this in particular, but cool stuff....


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