Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Tues 1st Jan

Hope you all had a fab Christmas and new years eve, ours was great fun, we managed to pile 3 kids and grandma into the car and make it to our church 10 miles away for a great new years eve party and hubby and I came out of retirement and did a 'turn' He played I sang, most nerve wracking in frotn of your own kids....tell me I didn't embarrass you I said to Sonny who is 9 going on 15...oh no he said, just your hat embarrassed me...kids can be so cruel, hours before we'd had a scene when I came down wearing a 1970's retro catsuit to which at least 2 small children shouted - are you wearing THAT ? ......i rushed back to change promto

Off now to Cornwall for a fleeting solo trip to get my 'fix' and set me up for the new year.
Happy 08


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