Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sun 11th May

Well I'm still motivated after my wondrous retreat, I've been juicing every single day and getting the kids at it, best of all I'm up at least 45 mins earleir than I used to drag myself up, and go for a walk (can't quite manage running - more of a fartlek approach)

I've done a couple of tai chi classes which have been great and almost made the yoga class today, sadly not quite as the queue to the carpark for the farmers market made me late (great excuse though, got some fab organic veg and a cute 'bug catcher' from a local community project - Earthworks.

We went to a local arts and craft fayre today, rediculously hot, spent most of the day nagging the kids to put sunhats back on but we all had fun.

In leui of the yoga I'm gonna have to put Kens dvd on and relive my memories of Turkey...

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