Sunday, 18 February 2007

Feb 18th

Hope you're all getting to this new site Ok, we'd love your feed-back, its still a work in progress. We're adding more an more personal endorsements to the directory and of course ther'll be lots more features coming soon. Email me :

I'm starting to go just slightly bonkers staring at computer screens - I wsih I could tell you'd I'd been hobnobbing with the stars at glittering parties or even jsut revitalising myself walking by the sea......truth is I desperately need a break but I guess in the words of the great Bon Jovi (showing my age) - I'll sleep when I'm dead !

To all forum users by the way make sure you check the site - set it as a favourite (she says trying to sound technical)

To whet your appetite I've just been jacking up some great offers and competitions for the March tip'll love them I promise, if you're not on sign up for Janeys tips - all free of course.

Bye bye

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