Tuesday, 7 April 2009

sproutman, juicemaster, so many natural peeps..

The natural and organic products show was fab ! I opened the show with my talk on sunday morning and it was a fantastic two days of meeting people. All my fave men were there which is all important, see Jason Vale's plug for my book on the front page (bless him) and his new Juice bars won best new food product so he told me many times hes now flogging an award winning bar !

I did a fab little interview with The Sproutman, what Jason is to Juicing Steve Meyerwitz is to wheatgrass and sprouts, actually I think it was his wheatgrass shots that kept me going for two days !

Amazing how the industry has developed in just three years since I wrote the first book, so many great new companies and new products. I'm reinspired to increase my raw food again after a few tips from Live Native and a few other enlightened souls. Quite a few people stoppd me and asked why I hadn't dragged Steve Wright along but he was on the air after all !

I now have a huge goody bag of new stuff to trial so sign up to what really works and I'll forward on some freebies, all you gotta do is promise to send me a quick review

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