Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Ladies Circle and toilets !

As you may know I've been patron of The Ladies Circle for a few years now and they're still a relatively well kept secret, even though there are thousands of circles worldwide and the money they raise for various different charities is astonishing. They do like a laugh though and at the area luncheon yesterday it was great fun, theres something inspirational about this bunch of gals who all like to dress up and wear hats at lunchtime (why not ?) and certainly the majority can 'hold their beer !' The main speaker was Rani Singh who you know from Eastenders amongst other shows. They all wanted to know what it was like meeting Lionel Richie, cos he was a guest on Steve Wrights show and he is possibly the worlds nicest man, (well - nicest artist, the nicest man is undoubtedly Richard Curtis) but amidst the name dropping and revelling a huge amount of money was raised for a brilliant charity called SARIs stands for sanitation at rural indian schools. Chris who I'm pictured with here started it all when she realised that as girls reach puberty they simply stop going to school because their are no toilet facilities, this of course has a huge impact on not just their education but their nutrition too, as food is provided there. Chris has so far raised enough money to build around 60 toilets blocks at rural indian schools and a paid for contract to ensure their maintenance for twenty years - incredible. I'm going to get her to write an article for the website.

Meanwhile I had a couple of glasses of red wine to be sociable and feel like death today ! Come back 'alcoholfree' all is forgiven, when you stop being unkind to your body it reacts badly if you revert back to old habits. I sat flicking between Notting Hill and Gosford Park last night on the telly (bet loads of people did that !) and felt totally bloated and headachey, Hey ho made up for it today with a great - as Enid (Taymount clinic) calls it - Shrek juice, - green basically.

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