Friday, 13 March 2009

Live blood analysis ! woo hoo

Did I mention how astonishing this is ? I went to see Enid Taylor again today at the Taymount clinic (see her fab article on colonic hydrotherapy in the features section) and they also offer live blood analysis, now wer'e not talking sample, send off to lab, lab works on 'dead' this is the real deal and you can see your own blood cells on the screen all kind of globulus ! (is that a word ?) Its a great way to warn you if theres something amiss and shows up how much fat you'rte eating ! Anyways I have a raging sore throat and immediately without me saying anything (and I wasn't snivelling yet either) Glenn said 'oh look at the increased number of white blood must have an you feel as if you're coming down with something ?'...incredible, these white blood cells look like fizzing blobs but thank God they're active, shows my immune system is working. Blood aside on Steve Wright in the afternoon we interviewed Ronan Keating and man alive - is he looking good! I tell you 6 days up a mountain and copious amounts of exercise and water did wonders for that crew, Chris Moyles lost a stone ! Good on them. Its the end of a busy week and I hear my new book got to 23 on Amazon last Wed, I've been short-changing myself and telling everyone 34, 23 ain't bad, quite impressive considering I've done The Wright stuff but not much other TV. BBC 3 counties radio was fun today, I'm slowly convincing Lorna Milton the presenter to try all things natural, I've got her on soapnuts, shes just a bit reluctant in the natural deodorant dept. I'll keep working on it.

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