Friday, 21 August 2009

Hanging out with Bono - U2 360 tour

You can't say I don't have an exciting life, Bono and Adam Clayton from U2 came in to Wright's show - great interview, Bono has definitely mellowed ! anyways we got chatting afterwards cos I am mates with U2's incredible lighting designer (well hes much much more than that) Willy and its his 'big' birthday around now so Bono personally invited me to the gig in Sheffield last night, travelling with the band and all - crikey a girl can't turn down an offer like that !

So off I went and man alive what a show, if you haven't seen this tour you've got Sat only to get to Cardiff (no idea if its sold out) but it was SENSATIONAL, can't even begin to describe how cool The Claw is - almost like 4 seperate shows depending on where you stand in the arena, I had the luxury of standing on the platform in front of the mixer desk but the view from immediately in front of the stage is very different and very exciting as the guys rush acorss bridges next to you, as is the view from really high up in the stands where you kind of look down on this incredible light show.

As for the music - what can I say, they did so many of my favourites including Still haven't found what I'm looking for, Sunday Bloody Sunday, One, Vertigo...the list goes on as well as the great new ones.

I was well and truly looked after, had the fab backstage catering, and backstage hospitality, saw some old mates and then was taken right back to my days backing singing with Wham and George Michael as I was bundled into a big car and we sped off in a long convoy of about 8 cars behind flashing police escorts and overhead choppers - very exciting !

When I've come up for air (still reeling from it all to be truthful) I'll tell you more including how bizarre that Adam Clayton and I were wearing matching rings - mine is a beautiful blue heart from WDlondon - Thora Walton collection, never quite sussed whether Adam's sapphire was real.....somehow I'm guessing it probably was.

Back to reality, gotta jack up some fabulous comps for the next ezine, and, get sorted out for Greenbelt festival next weekend , oh and did I mention I'm moving house......back on my head then....


  1. I've seen U2 band many times… They have captivated millions of fans worldwide. Last time I got my U2 tickets for their last concert but before I compare prices for free via this

    The band was up for it from the start...waited along time to catch & It was really a great concert.

  2. WOW as if its not cool enough just getting to talk to the band, you get to go to their gig in style!!! WAY COOL LADY :D


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