Saturday, 8 August 2009

Glamping...and raw choccy truffles...

You may have heard me waxing lyrical on Radio 2 but this was a fantastic family holiday, camping without the hassle, no cold baked beans or horrible nylon sleeping bags, no trekking down the motorway with a trailor or roof rack only to find you've forgotten the tent poles, no you just show up at Jollydays in Yorkshire and open a bottle of wine, yes we're talking glamourous camping or 'glamping' Our huge lodge tent had a four poster bed, proper beds for the kids and chandeliers (yep) rather like being at boutique hotel in the woods.

Jollydays is about 20 mins from York - set in huge woodland, the kids were free range and came back only for food whcih we cooked on the barbie, in the evenings we sat around the communal firepit or lay in the hammock and looked at the stars, if it all sounds a bit idyllic its cos it was.

Total luxury - proper flushing loos and in our lodge tent a proper vitorian freestanding bath but all by candlelight - SO romantic.

Cos of the wood burning stoves in the tents they're toasty warm so I'm planning another trip for the autumn, if you're into Kath Kidson prints, pretty fabrics and vintage furniture you'll love Jollydays

Crikey I should be on commission !!!

On an entirely different note have I told you about the wondrous Geidre from Lithuania ? I introduced her to the concept of raw foods and she has overtaken me in leaps and bounds - her latest offering is spectaculer - Raw choccy truffles - basically cacao butter, powder, some advocado and some sesame seeds, you get the drift, email me if you want the recipe, I may put them in my next book....won't be out till next Spring...

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