Monday, 12 October 2009

Settling in...

Still climbing over boxes but settling in. I love this community - yoga on my doorstep and happy kids.

I'm de-stressed at last thanks to my latest Turkey Juicemaster retreat, pics to follow, I had an amazing time yet again, wonderful yoga with Ken Ryan, rebounding at sunset, kundalini yoga (barking mad but fun) long mountain walks and of course the best juices and smoothies made for me ! Its hard to beat Jasons infectious energy too, he so inspirational . I am oh so lucky I know, its a life changing experience. Steve Wright takes the mickey of course but I think perhaps hes just slightly jealous that I lost a few pounds in weight without trying and have a certain 'glow' !!!

Back at my local deli I'm trying to persuade them to offer fresh juices, its a bit of a battle, but I'm nagging them to do just one to start, apple, carrot, lemon and ginger, talking of which my 9 year old has a barking cough and his treament ? fresh ginger shots, its doing the trick I think.

Off to try out the local dance class tonight, not just any old class I'll have you know, this is Nia - see the website
niamichelle I think - a bizarre rather joyous mix of dance, tai chi, and eurythmy....worth a shot !

Hubby meanwhile has toddled off to a certain swedish furniture store for all things clips and hooks, very glad I got out of that one....

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