Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Meeting Micheal Buble ....,..and

Isn't it funny how some people are just so different in real life to how they appear on photos / TV etc ? We interviewed Micheal Buble today (you know crooning jazzy boy) and he is just divine. Such a nice guy and not at all lost in showbiz, great voice too, such a shame I'm not a jazz fan but then he does mix it all up kind of styley.

I told you we interviewed Cheryl Cole too ? or maybe that was on one of the rare occasions I remember to twitter or facebook or whatever the hell techy thing I can never find time to do...anyways the boys got the eye candy there, she is gorgeous, in truth I thought I was going to have to send Tim Smith and Steve Wright off for a cold shower before we could continue...might have been a good opportunity to offer up some natural shower gel....I've got some nice masculine Flint Edge and some Green People for men they might like...

Deadline beckons for my new book and I'm desperate for contributions, anyone got any natural beauty secrets....and aspirational dreams ? if you'd like to contribute send me an email and how you'd like to be credited of course, can't promise, editors decision is final and all that but hey ho....I'd love your input dear blog readers....
email janey at

back on my head then....

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