Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Its been a tricky week, my book deadline came upon me all of a sudden, I knew if was December but hadn't quite computed that the publisher meant 1st Dec ! Its been a hideous time of working all hours and everything else being put on hold. Something wonderful happened though, my sons freind has been in a coma for four days, very seriously ill and someone suggested that we all send healing thoughts and prayers at 7.15. I put a message on my forum at and also on facebook (I'm not much cop at social networking but for this kind of thing its wonderful) and got back lots of promises of people willing to send love. light, and healing to this boy at 7.15pm

I've only just heard that at 7.30 pm he woke briefly -I've just heard today that he is home !
Talk about people power moving mountains, I'm touched at so many strangers caring enough to give a moment and encouraged that the stuff I write about is - well real. Its bizarre, I was writing my chapter on abundance and manifesting, the power of 'cosmic ordering' and the random acts of kindness by strangers and look at the incredible example I was shown.

The 'Shazzie's' of this world are brilliant at this stuff, I love her sign-off - bliss u ! I'm a much more realistic Nottinghamshire lass who finds it hard sometimes to remember that we're all Amazing. that its all within us, before I get too cosmic even for myself let me tell you I had the best raw ice cream dessert ever - almonds, agave, a bit of beetroot powder for colouring and a few drops of Rose oil, it tasted like rose petals, oh and with a few raw chocolate nibs on top - courtesy of the lovely Dr Enid at Taymount clinic.

If you're into raw and in London I hope you'll see my info on the site about the Fresh network xmas party at Saf this sunday, look forward to seeing some of you there.
by the way talking Shazzie if you click into the latest Passion mag I'm there on video making some raw sweetie treats, filmed by the lovely fresh and raw mama Victoria Leith. If you're veggie you must check out Off the hoof mag, online at or in bookshops, theres a 4 page spread on me where they go bonkers about my Cola Boy days - very funny reminscing about Paul Oakenfold, St Ettiene et al.
They also ask me an important question about politics and I swear I don't remember giving this quote but they've printed ......'all politicians scare me - Jason Vale for top dog I say' ! Must have just had a ginger shot ! I'm convinced thats the reason I'm still standing while all around me have colds and coughs....don't get me started on swine flu......

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