Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Tues 12th Sept

Of course I'll update it regularly was my response to hubby telling me I'll never have time to keep a blog, hey ho, hes right again.

I feel as though my feet haven't touched the ground since last thurs - Fri I did some interviews to help promote Neals Yard remedies then headed off to Totnes in Devon to do some writing. Beleive or not I have never visited the holsitic capital of the Uk before and I LOVED it. Trust me I can't cope with a new addiciton in addition to St Ives in cornwall !

Anyways got some work done in between shopping trips looking at the fab new agesy shops and organic supermarkets like Greenlife. The BEST veggie restaurnat Willow and on sunday I went for lunch with some freinds and met Matt Harvey a poet, what a lovely guy. the train home was delayed but I had Matts book to keep me company.

Photo session madness going on...will report back in due course...


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