Sunday, 16 September 2007

sun 16th sept

I presented Love songs on Radio 2 today, forgotten what a lovely show to present it really is, stacks of slushy letters !

Fri we went to a fabulous party in surrey, I hope to part of an new venture around 'conscious Living'. ther'll be an online radio station, a website and a central London shop so watch this space, its gonna be exciting. Met up with matt Harvey again - poet, and he did an impromptu 'turn' He is HiLIARIOUS !! I'm still laughing at his poem called - clouds - whata are you like ?

Yesterday was good too, I did an opening talk at the Maternity Services public meeting organised by the NCT, met osme lovley ante natal teachers and persuaded a few of them to try out my new 'joyful pregnancy Cc hope they find it goes down well

Knuckiling bakc down now to book 3 (completion date looms) and for a break I'll bowup a few balloons, my baby girl is 2


  1. Wasn't exactly looking for your site, but cool....

  2. Wasn't looking for this in particular, but cool stuff....

  3. Wasn't looking for this, but great stuff....


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