Sunday, 11 November 2007

bling ! Sun 11th Nov

Well as you may know I'm a 'trashy' jewellery kind of gal, loving lots of recycled beads and colourful bits and bobs, but lately I've taken to wearing pretty much constantly the gorgeous silver stuff from LA jewellery (on my directory on main site )

I supassed myself today though, i must be getting a bit more grown up cos I went to a jewellery sample sale of Thora Walton stuff TW collection. (much cheaper than it is in boutiques, Fenwicks etc ) I know Thora but hadn't seen any of her latest pieces - man alive - I'm 'blinged up' - well rose quartz crosses on pink cord anyway (closest I'll ever be to bling !)

If I could post a pic I would...hey ho....I'll wear it when I'm on The Wright stuff next - Dec 7th I think



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