Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Tues 13th March

Back from a fab weekend. Sat was the Activate conference in coventry, what a lovely bunch of women. I had a lovley dinner sitting ext to their chairperson Fiona Castle whose energy is fab. Her daughter Julia sold me some gorgeous jewllery too which is made in Peru. I'm hoping to get some info on the site cos thats ACTUAL fair trade in practice.

If I knew how to upload pics I'd show you some photos.

Sun and Monday I was in Brighton - oh what sunshine - gorgeous ! I had a fab walk by the sea and did two sessions which seemed to go down well Sun evening was the awards ceremony which I hosted and the live ban was Uncle funk, as I' so ancient and have been in the music biz for years there was at least one band member I'd worked with and a few people who knew me from Cola Boy days !

Back home and lots of fab samples and goodies to try out and hopefully I've twisted the arm of several compnaies to do some giveaways on the site

Bye bye

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