Thursday, 29 March 2007

Thurs 29th March

sorry its been ages, thank goodness no-one is hanging on my every word - how do people blog every single day ?

Anyways I've been to a lovely event today. Actions Speak louder is an initiative that the government have funded to give £115 million in totol to various projects across the UK, Young people need to create the idea and then ask for money to implement it to help themselves and other young people in their community. I presented some fo the awards (alongside the youth minister I'll have you know !!) and I met some great people, really reminds you that the 'yoof of today' are actually great. Fantastic band played too, a bunch of guys about 16 / 17 - guess what band they chose to cover ? Led Zeppellin and Deep Purple !! I almost wofted my flares.

I actually asked a guy who came to chat to me in the style of a really old person how to take pictures on my phone, (well its a new one! ) after falling about laughing he'll helped me and then 'sent' it to his phone - wow technology. I had a true senior moment I can tell you. If only that helpful boy could pop here and show me how to upload pics to my blog I'd share it with ya'll....


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