Sunday, 18 March 2007

Sunday 18th March

Happy mothers day. I did get some smashing sparkly cards from Sonny and Buddy and we had a lovely day out in Suffolk having lunch with friends. Serious sleet on the way home and oh so freezing which is quite incredible when I think only last weekend we were in Brighton on the beach I thank you ! did I even tell you how fab my weekend away was ? probably not...techncial probs getting into the blog this week, I'll bring you up to date in due course. I've also done some very interesting new photos which I'm keen to see, bout time I ditched the dodgy old ones.

Really good time last Friday too at St Peters church nr Ely - packed church for our little 'evening with' gig and I met osme great people. No rest for the wicked, sat am I was at the 'Cute in cloth' do at Maidstone County Hall, I left my own cute in cloth baby at home though and jsut did the professional thing (alledgedly)

Bye bye, any Radio 2 listeners will be sad that Tim is on hols this week so I'm doing Mon and Fri this week too.

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