Sunday, 15 April 2007

Sunday 15th April

Had a fab day at Natural Products at Olympia, lots of people came to the talk and it was great to meet some of the girls on the forum. I was there at the request of Viridian Nutrition - fab stand made of recycled cardboard - inc chairs and yes they took my weight - I was concerned I can tell you ! I do love the people in this industry, so many great companies. I hadn't even realised that Solgar had been giving away my book as part of their supplement deal so they asked me to cut their cake - its their 60th anniversary - I posed for the photo session and drank the champagne with pleasure - the actual cutting I left to someone else !

Fiona and Gaby did a great job of blagging some great freebies for our goody bags - this launch party is gonna be the most talked about in town !

Bye bye

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