Friday, 6 April 2007

Good Friday

Hoipe you're having a good one. Our friends finally arrived from cornwall yesterday afternoon and delivered my fab pressie hamper courtesy of Gear Farm (the organic farm event I spoke at on Mon) I thought it wa just some honey and the Helford river apple juice but theres also some goodies from Spiezia Organics and the most gorgeous outfits for Rocky and Lulu including a stripey hat which Rocky hasn't taken off since it was opened. (could be interesting if we ever do consider a hair wash)
I've also just had my first slice of organic chocolate easter cake - get down.

I'm on TV on tues - they'll need to winch me in - better choose a colour that hides my bulk !
Happy easter
P.s anyone reading this lucky enough to be going to 'Sarahs shop' opening party tonight in Helford passage I am SO jealous - have fun. Enjoy the Roskillys ice cream

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