Saturday, 7 July 2007

Sat July 7th

What a week, I am so fed up with WIND ! buffeted and blown across muddy fields - aaagh ! Fab though in a bizarre kind of way, the kids loved HESFES ( home ed seaside festival ) We did have a lovely campsite and a sea view but must say I was thrilled to get back to a warm bath with essential oils - heavenly.

Up at the crack again today to go to a fab Ladies Circle event (see feature) True luxury - wined and dined at Woodlhall spa in Lincolnshire - I did threaten DH that if he didn't behave I'd take him to my old stomping ground of Skegness for some bracing sea air (he only did the first day of the camp )

Tomorrow - oh so important I'm presenting an argument ( hope it won't get ugly) on Radio 5 live on Home education - please email in your support - you don't need to be home -edding to appreciate the right to choose email

its in 2 parts 11.15 and then again 12.15

its coming live from the wimbledon finals - what a waste - the pordcuer texted me to say hey we've got you in to wimbledon - you cna stay and watch the tennis - she picked the only presenter who has no interest, frankly I'd rather eat bark - no offence to tennis players or lovers....

Will report back...I'll have a strawberry for ya....

Txt is I think 85058


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  2. Essential oils are basically the therapeutic grade oils found in plants, trees, roots, bushes, flowers and seeds....


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