Friday, 3 December 2010

Janey Lee Grace hosts Green Awards

The 5th annual Green Awards was a spectacular occasion held at the Natural History museum and I was thrilled to be asked to co-host with Wayne Hemingway MBE (yes of top designer Red or Dead and much more - fame).

There were shortlisted entries from companies from all over the world including china and the highlight was the lifetime acheivement award which was given to Sir David Attenborough CBE - what an inspiring speech ! We also heard from Chris Huhne MP and Sir Paul Judge, not a judge (even of the Green Awards) but the president of the chartered institute of marketing.

Twas a fab dinner with organic wine and chocs and at the end I was presented with not your usual bouquet, indeedy this was a wondrous art statement, a bunch of 'fake' flowers fashioned from newspaper and card - sounds awful - looks gorgeous !

Check out the 'dinosaur in the room' he was very well behaved over dinner !

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