Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A finger in the ear..Janey Lee Grace at the folk awards

...but folk music is seriously hip now, and there really is none of that cliched finger in the ear thing, even the traditional folkies are in the loop. It was a great event, celebs poppng up to present awards included Kevin Whateley, Zoe Wannamaker and Greg Wise. it was also fanastic to meet Nanci Griffith who played and also graciously accepted a Lifetime achievment award.
folk singer of the year was Jon Boden and the best group was Lau. Best live act winner was Bellowhead and man alive are they good ! Its the perfect event for me, I've got such a low boredom threshold that one or two numbers from each band works great !

its broadcast on Radio 2 on wed eve so enjoy.

Thats it for burning the candle at both ends for a while, I'm still editing my next book, quite frustrating that its not out till June but in the meantime my diary is clocking up some events so check out the website and I'm writing for Get fresh magazine and lots of others, also desperately trying to get to grips with facebook in my old age so please join my fan page http://bit.ly/janeyleegrace


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